Monday, March 2, 2009

HelenBlitz 2009

Coastal MINI's; returned victorious from the HelenBlitz 2009 Event!!

2 MINI's attended from Coastal; numerous Owners from Atlanta MINI's, M2C2 had a fantastic turnout (the Carolina group) couple from St. Louis...aaaand....another from Sunshine MINI's Orlando; who took the award for the furthest driven.....believe it or not...there was just a 43 mile difference between the Orlando couple and St. Louis!!

Rain and very cool temperatures pervailed throughout the weekend; but, that didn't dampen the spirits of all who attended this years' Event!!......MINI count surpassed last year and so did the monies collected for our Charity of choice...The Speedway Childrens Charity!!

QWKSLVR & BUR-LEE took 1st place in MINI stock division...aaaand.....BEST IN SHOW...wanna know why....."they" had photo evidence of me (dressed in rain gear and waterproof boots) washing my MINI in the R..A..I..N...!!!....UUGGHHHHH....!!!

Photos for this Event can be viewed on Stephanies' Blog....All Things MINI..!!!

More photos will be added to this Event listing; as some I was unable to take!!

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murmini said...

Congrats Steph! It sounds liek you all had a great time.